Our Approach

"Honesty is the rarest wealth anyone can possess, and yet all the honesty in the world ain't lawful tender for a loaf of bread."
Josh Billings - pen name of American humorist Henry Wheeler Shaw

Our Approach

Fides Trustees is an independent trust company based in Geneva, Switzerland providing professional trustee and corporate services. We work in partnership with Settlors, Beneficiaries and their professional advisers in a co-ordinated manner to ensure that bespoke structures are created to achieve the requisite benefits.

In the event that advice cannot be obtained from existing advisers, Fides has access to a wide range of highly experienced lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and other professional advisers in a wide range of jurisdictions from whom specialist advice can be obtained.

Our clients are typically international high and ultra-high net worth families and individuals. We aim to use our expertise and experience to assist and enhance our clients’ interaction with their trustee. Fides is not merely a passive trustee and seeks to add value to our clients’ affairs.

Changes in personal and family circumstances are as important as changes in the wider world. As our clients’ families, lifestyles and priorities alter over time, we work with them and their advisers to review and revise their personal structures.

We ensure that the management and administration of the Trusts and any underlying entities is undertaken in a prudent and productive manner.

Our total independence from financial institutions provides comfort and effective protection for the structure’s assets especially in situations of extreme volatility and market uncertainty.


Fides Holdings SA announces the acquisition of Geneva-based Ariannol Trustees (Suisse) SA.